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Lockdown Blues

This year got off to a slow start with lockdown restrictions still killing everyone’s vibe. Last year just seemed to overflow into this year. So much for a fresh start! All the home staycations and limitations have made keeping your health and fitness goals on track, very challenging. Those extra kilos seemed to creep on from nowhere and motivation is non-existent.

I had to have a stern discipline talk with myself and gather up all the motivation I could muster. So, this made me realize how hard motivation and good lifestyle are to implement once you have let it slide for a bit! This is where a Health Tracker and a Personal Trainer can help create an awareness of your bad habits and help you gain control of your health goals. Mindset is so important in a successful health and fitness program. People seem to head in a different directions from here:

  • Start an exercise program with gusto and go in full on, only to over do it and potentially pick up and injury and kill all motivation.
  • Lack the motivation to get anything going!
  • Implement a gradual sustainable exercise program and progress at a steady planned pace.

Obviously, the last approach is the most favourable! This however, can be very hard to implement on your own. This is where a Personal Trainer can help kick start your fitness goals in a safe and sustainable way. A good trainer will help you ease back into training with a structured exercise program designed specifically to meet your needs and the trainer will help keep you motivated. Now, more than ever a kind approach is necessary. We are all feeling a little fragile post 2020!

Personal training methodologies (post 2020) has become a very adaptable industry. Home training, online training, outdoor training and micro-gym training have all become a normal part of most Trainers offerings. So, the bonus here is that you are guaranteed to find a form of training that suits your needs. Start Doing and get yourself a Personal Trainer! See my contact details below.

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