Helen Krouse

Personal Trainer, Metafit Coach and Wellness Advisor.

Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa

Specialising in: Functional fitness, Weight Management, Strength Training, Lifestyle-related health conditions and Motivation

H -Fit Personal Trainer Bio

My name is Helen Krouse, a qualified personal trainer (HFPA) and MetaFit coach. I am passionate about exercise and health, love training and then motivating my clients to reach their health and fitness goals.

Focus areas:

Fitness and health come in many shapes and sizes and there is no ideal body shape! I guide my clients through training and education to:

  • Lose weight,
  • Tone and build muscle,
  • Increase fitness,
  • Improve flexibility, and
  • Create awareness of general health and wellness.


My aim is to improve the health and fitness of people in my community by providing them with unique and interactive personal training experiences.

Training includes cardiovascular training and weight/strength training using various training equipment (kettlebells, slam balls, TRX straps, physio bands, sliders, physio balls and more). Flexibility training is done through supervised stretching. Regular assessments are done to keep my client’s goals on track!

What can I do for you?

  • Functional fitness by incorporating the 7 functional movements (squats, lunges, bending, push, pull, twist and gait) into my programs which can improve everyday mobility.
  • Boxing fitness elements incorporated into training to add interest and variety into HIIT training. HIIT training has been shown to greatly increase fitness using shorter intense training methods.
  • Kettlebell training incorporated into programs for a full body workout which provides huge benefits of power, strength, and cardio.
  • Tabata training to improve cardiovascular fitness, breaking away from the treadmill and extensive cardio sessions.
  • Metafit Coaching offering 30 min HITT training to small groups. These sessions pack a full-body energetic workout with no equipment!
  • Flexible training locations – Online using Zoom, A home micro-gym or training in the comfort of your own home.

H-Fit Motto – “Age is just a number”

Be Active, Be Healthy and Be Happy!